What happens when you add 4 hamburgers per day to your diet!?


In the name of science, non obese men were fed an additional 4 MacDonalds hamburgers (other hamburgers are available) per day for 8 weeks, totalling an additional 1000 cals per day added to their daily totals. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 cals, therefore, 1000 cals per day x 7 equals 7000 cals…

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Christmas Weight Gain.. and what to do about it!


So it’s officially December, the Christmas period is here! Here’s the worst thing about it. You spend months trying to break an unhealthy cycle, let’s say it’s June right now; You’ve just successfully found an exercise programme you like, you make small changes, and your body begins to change. It gets to the end of…

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More Calories Burnt = Eat More Cookies!


Today at Blitzbody Bootcamps, we’re going to hit you with our Science stick!!! Do you believe that exercise allows you to have a license to eat? Do you track your steps/exercise and eat back the calories exerted? Do you think visually seeing the amount of calories you have burnt almost leaves you feeling a little…

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Alcohol and weight loss

wine people 1

Alcohol and weight loss do not go together, not only that, it’s not good for you brain either! Autopsy studies have shown that patients of chronic alcohol consumption shrunken, smaller, lighter brains than non-alcohol drinking adults. Pretty cool huh, anyway, who causes about the damage done to the brain from alcohol, let’s get back on…

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I had to share this

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I personally believe the biggest driver of action is emotion. People do things for a number of reasons, to fulfil desires that meet that persons needs, all to achieve an emotional response. The most basic form of all is the toward and away concept. Every action we take is based on moving either towards please…

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