Christmas Weight Gain.. and what to do about it!


So it’s officially December, the Christmas period is here!

Here’s the worst thing about it.

You spend months trying to break an unhealthy cycle, let’s say it’s June right now;

You’ve just successfully found an exercise programme you like, you make small changes, and your body begins to change.

It gets to the end of summer, you are now less motivated, but, you have now broken some bad eating habits, you’re not a little less strict that you were during summer. But keep going as you enjoy it.

It gets to November, it’s getting colder, it’s now harder to get motivated it’s cold, dark and well, willpower loses and you still train but, just a little less now.

December hits!

Now you have; Christmas Shopping, Social events, Nights out, Long Days..

A lot of regular rituals change.. Exercise becomes lower on the list..

When you exercise less, you feel like;

‘What’s the point in watching what I eat’?

So your diet gets progressively worse as Christmas day get’s closer.. Exercise just isn’t happening.

The scales are going up at a rapid rate and you justify it by saying;

‘It’s okay, I’ll sort it out in January’


The worst part of all this?

It took you 2-3 years to find an exercise programme you enjoyed and adhered to.

Now you’ve just put back on what you had worked to lose..

YOU’VE BROKEN THE HABITS that took you so long to make second nature.

8lbs increase, will take until March to burn off at a rate of 1lbs per week.

How do you feel?

sluggish, slow, de-motivated and just pee’d off with yourself.

Here’s what to do about it;

—– COMMIT to exercising 3x a week and hitting 10k steps per day on your activity tracker.. If you don’t have one, either order one off amazon for £20 with next day delivery. Or ask for an early X-mas present.

—– Save your calories until later in the day for when you have social outings.. If you don’t track calories, cool, just skip breakfast or have a very small meal. Don’t worry, this won’t kill you to skip breakfast.

—– Don’t get caught in the trap of getting home, getting warm and refusing to leave the house. This is what may change habits and once December is all over, can be difficult to snap out of.

So, there’s just 3 simple things to think about during the festive period!

Hope this helps!