I had to share this

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I personally believe the biggest driver of action is emotion.

People do things for a number of reasons, to fulfil desires that meet that persons needs, all to achieve an emotional response.

The most basic form of all is the toward and away concept.

Every action we take is based on moving either towards please or away from pain.

Right now, I can only assume you’re reading this because your interested in bettering yourself, losing weight, getting into shape, or just simply no longer being who you are now!

So, I came across this a number of months ago.. It’s a truly inspirational story.. but it’s not just the story.. it’s the EMOTION that is caused as a results of even just watching this video. Hopefully it give you the desired effect of rather than Moving AWAY from who you are now.. as lets face it.. it’s a very negative stand point.. Hopefully it move you more to something along the lines of… I CAN, I WILL…. and truly inspires you to take action!!!

So here is its, I had to share this PLAY THIS VIDEO;

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