More Calories Burnt = Eat More Cookies!


Today at Blitzbody Bootcamps, we’re going to hit you with our Science stick!!!

Do you believe that exercise allows you to have a license to eat? Do you track your steps/exercise and eat back the calories exerted?

Do you think visually seeing the amount of calories you have burnt almost leaves you feeling a little hungrier??

A scientific study was carried out to see if this was so…⚗

70 healthy lean male and female participants completed the same workout.

In this workout all participants burnt the same amount of calories – 120kcals

However, IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, they were lied to…  they were informed on three occasions that they had either burnt;

50kcals during the session
265kcals during the session

After the workout they were given the option to have a post workout meal which consisted of orange juice, tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies.

Un-suprisngly the 265kcal group consumed more calories than the 50kcal group.

In this instance it was less than 100kcal difference.

However, would we see an even greater “licence to eat” if people thought they had expended even greater calories?

What does this mean for activity trackers that tell us how many calories we have expended?

Do we now allow ourselves MORE? So here’s the plan..

Blitbody Bootcamps recommend:
–Don’t get hung up on seeing the amount of calories you have burnt during your workouts.

–Don’t eat the calories you have burnt off!!

–Use the trackers as a guide to view your activity and motivate you to move more outside of workouts

–Focus on just keeping yourself active, keep moving and do something you enjoy!

As the science says, tracking exercise and calories burnt, means you’re either consciously or subconsciously going to eat more on days you burn more, or at least, after big workouts.. Keeping you exactly where you are in terms of progress.

Hope this helps!

Fitness Team
Blitzbdody Bootcamps