What happens when you add 4 hamburgers per day to your diet!?


In the name of science, non obese men were fed an additional 4 MacDonalds hamburgers (other hamburgers are available) per day for 8 weeks, totalling an additional 1000 cals per day added to their daily totals.

One pound of fat is equal to 3500 cals, therefore, 1000 cals per day x 7 equals 7000 cals per week, or 2lbs of weight gain per week..
According to theory, these burgers should be responsible for totalling a whopping (pun intended) 16lbs of fat gained over an 8 week period.


That didn’t happen though.

An average of 10lbs were added, which is still a solid effort! But nearly have of what current theory suggests should of happened.
You see, the purpose of the study was to see HOW the body reacted when fed all these additional calories.

Maybe for you, right now, your consuming WAY MORE than you would on a regular week due to Christmas time.
I know I’ve been a little partial to a few more biscuits and mince pies!

Yet, zero change on the scales for me.. (Yet)

The body is currently fighting it!

It’s pretty NEAT.

In fact, the process is called NEAT.. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. A process where the body simply moves more to burn additional calories off.

Like, twitching your leg, walking around more than normal, fidgeting around in your sleep.. Mostly unconscious stuff!
But it’s not all good news. The RANGE of NEAT was enormous…

One of the participants burned an additional 692 Kcals via NEAT per day, a good chunk of the 1000kcals..
However, another participant, slowed down by an 98 cals per day.

He basically, sat down and allowed the body fat cells to fill up!
This tends to be the difference between someone gaining weight easily or not really gaining at all when bad habits creep in.
So, armed with this knowledge, knowing you’re probably heading into an abundance of calories this Christmas, will you look to increase your NEAT to fight it off?

This could be as simple as walking the dog, playing with children’s christmas presents with them or chopping some fire wood!
So keep moving and fight the fat this Christmas!

Have a great one,

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